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Healthy White Teeth

Tooth whitening / teeth whitening is probably the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the world today.

Everyone wants whiter and brighter teeth and why not? Compared to other cosmetic procedures, whitening teeth is inexpensive and makes a world of difference to most smiles.

Safe And Effective Teeth Whitening

A word of warning: SAFE and effective teeth whitening requires a thorough understanding of the whitening process. An experienced and licensed practitioner is the ONLY person who can give you correct and unbiased advice.

There is much more to teeth whitening than meets the eye. If you wish to experience safe reliable teeth whitening then contact us for an assessment. We will let you know if it is likely to be effective and what alternatives there may be available to you.

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Our HDAA accreditation demonstrates our compliance with quality, safety & good governance by committing to quality improvement, patient safety and care.

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